Combating plastic waste, reducing the spread of viruses and redefining minds in the cleaning industry!

OCCIDERE eco friendly cleaning sanitiser

Our Eco-Vision

Together with our customers, we are striving to redefine minds and combat the issue of plastic waste. We are also providing scientifically proven, fast and efficient eco friendly cleaning solutions. These reduce the spread of viruses such as Covid-19 and SARS2. 

Our range of eco friendly cleaning products contain biodegradable components. Our packaging avoids harsh chemicals that can damage your skin, surfaces and the environment.

By providing our new bio-degradable fast-acting sanitising solution – OCCIDERE; our maritime cleaning products have improved green credentials onboard sea-vessels all over the world. We have also helped to reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring safe operation during the pandemic. 

Redefining minds in the cleaning industry. Combating plastic waste. Killing viruses. Reducing carbon footprints. Creating an eco-vision

We recognise that the cleaning industry needs to change and we are confident that we can provide a green solution to any cleaning task with our range of cleaners and sanitisers. RS Eco World are a global enterprise with years of expertise within our team. We are passionate about paving the way for future generations by sharing our eco-vision and redefining minds. 

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Many industry cleaning products are packaged with the intent to be used once and disposed of. They come with mostly plastic packaging. Though plastic is recyclable, many simply throw the products away when they’re empty. Plastic is not bio-degradable and this means the products will sit in landfills and build up in numbers over a period of years, having a detrimental impact on the environment. Our RS Eco World range of eco friendly products comes in re-fillable aluminium bottles, drastically reducing the amount of plastic used in production.

Along with the plastic element of cleaning products being damaging to the environment, many cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to consume. This applies to both humans, most other living creatures and the environment. These chemicals make their way through drainage systems, heading into the environment. They can then build up and have a huge negative impact on plants and the animal world. Our range uses natural ingredients and probiotics to reduce the number of harsh chemicals being released into the environment.

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